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More than coffee

Our Mission is

Who we serve and why we serve:

Esteamed Coffee  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit coffee shop and bakery opening in Cary, NC in 2020 to employ people with various disabilities who would otherwise struggle to find meaningful employment. We strive to connect people in a purposeful, intentional community that enriches the lives of our employees and patrons through their fellowship in a warm, welcoming environment. To get our monthly newsletter please sign up below.  Please also check out our FB Page, Esteamed Coffee.  


We not only esteem individuals with disabilities through employment and a respected place in our community, but we also endeavor to support their families, the organizations that champion their disabilities, our customers, and our local economy. Esteamed Coffee is a winning partnership for all involved!




Esteamed Coffee

Post Office Box 1373

Cary, NC  27512

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