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Shift Manager Application

Esteamed Coffee is looking for a passionate leader who can help other employees in their daily rountines. We will be accepting applications for the Shift Manager position from October 7 to October 14. Responsibilities and qualities we are looking for are detailed further below.

Our Mission

Esteamed Coffee's mission is to connect employees with various disabilities and our community at large, in such a way that the lives of all are enriched through their fellowship in a warm, welcoming environment.

Shift Manager

The Shift Manager will supervise the daily routines of the crew members.  They will be responsible for training the employees in their duties and ensure that quality work is performed at all times.  The Shift Manager will be the expert in all coffee shop operational tasks. 

This position may be a part or full-time position.


  • Making and serving of the menu items

  • Restocking

  • Store cleanliness

  • Cash and credit card transactions

  • The customer/employee experience

  • Employee safety

  • All shop functions

Qualities We Look For

  • Able to support, report to, and respect the store manager

  • Leadership qualities

  • Compassion, warmth, and kindness

  • Passion for the mission of Esteamed Coffee

  • Good teacher/trainer

  • Experience with special needs population

  • Willingness to do all jobs

  • Willingness not to take over and do jobs for the crew members

  • Patience

Thank You for Your Interest

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114 S. Academy St.  Cary, NC  27511

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Post Office Box 1373

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