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Esteamed Coffee Partners with LCI!

BIG story! 28 years ago, then President of LCI Bill Hudson, gave Angie Hudson (no relation) her first job after she became legally blind. Bill has always been an inspiration to Angie because he dedicated his entire career (50 years with LCI) creating meaningful employment for people who are blind/visually impaired, including her! We are excited to announce that Bill, now retired, and LCI are partnering with Esteamed Coffee by becoming their largest donor through his foundation! We are unbelievably grateful to partner with LCI so many years after Bill first believed in Angie by giving her a job. Esteamed Coffee can’t wait to give others the same chance!

L to R: Jeffrey Hawting, LCI President; Kathy Hudson; Angie Hudson; Bill Hudson, LCI Past President

Christy Teague and Patrick Lindsey, COO of LCI.#esteamedcoffee #howweesteem #coffee #community #nonprofit#cary #carynonprofit #raleighnonprofit @ Cary, North Carolina

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